2014 Trash Collection Routes & Schedule:
(All sections are from bay to ocean)

Sec. 1: (North) Inlet to 23rd Street
Monday Only: January 1 – June 4 
September 8 – December 31, 2014
Monday & Thursday: June 5 – Sept. 6, 2014

Sec. 2 (Middle) 23rd Street to 42nd Street
Tuesday Only: January 1 – June 4 
September 8 – December 31, 2014
Tuesday and Friday: June 5 – Sept. 6, 2014

Sec. 3 (South) 42nd St. to North Side of 80th St.  
Wednesday Only: January 1 – June 4 
September 8 – December 31, 2014
Wednesday & Saturday: June 5 – Sept. 6, 2014

Recyclables: Recyclables are collected once per week throughout the year on the first trash collection day of the week.

Section #1 - Monday
Section #2 - Tuesday

Section#3 - Wednesday

Stickers for recyclables and grass may be obtained at the Public Works Office at 14th Street & Dune Drive, 15th Street Recycle Center and the Avalon Borough Hall at 3100 Dune Drive. . The Borough does not supply trash/recycling containers.

Avalon, New Jersey is a
"Clean Communities" City

Curbside Pickup and Sideyard Return for
Trash and Recyclables Please Note:

1. Trash and Recyclables Trash and recyclables are to be placed curb­side by 7A.M. Trash and recycling will not be collected on these holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day. By Ordinance No. 578‑2006, containers shall have a capacity of no greater than thirty-five (35) gallons and a total weight not to exceed fifty (50) pounds each. o bulk items (household furnishings) will be collected with trash.

2. Brush and Grass Clippings Brush and grass clippings will be picked up on Thursdays. Use of plas­tic bags for clip­pings is prohibited. White goods/metal will be picked up on Fridays. The Borough of Avalon recognizes and promotes the many benefits of “cut it and leave it” when it comes to cutting grass on your property. Many do not realize that by leaving the grass clippings on your lawn when you mow, nature does its own recycling.

Environmental Benefits: Increased organic matter content which promotes healthier soil and plants; Increased water retention in the soil; Increased soil microbial life which promotes an overall healthier lawn; Will need to fertilize 25–50% less since clippings return nutrients.
Why you should “cut it and leave it?” By cutting and leaving it, mowers will save 20–25% of their time which is about 7 hours per season. In addition, each ton of grass clippings costs around $65–100 for disposal. By cutting and leav­ing grass clip­pings, mowers save both their time and money while allowing better fertilization for their lawns.


3. Recycling is Mandatory in New Jersey. Recycle (a) all newspaper, magazines, cardboard and office paper (gray — shoe, cereal or food boxes not recycled) and placed in paper bags or reusable containers and (b) all rinsed glass bottles and jars, aluminum and tin cans, and household plastic bottles and place in a container with a “recycling” sticker. Use of plastic bags for recycling is strictly prohibited. There is a courtesy trash area at 15th Street and Dune Drive behind the Public Works Building. The courtesy trash and recycle area is open every day except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day from 7:00am-3:00pm.

4. Use of plastic bags for trash is strictly prohibited, unless inside a container with a secure lid. All trash and recycling cans must be permanently labeled with the address of the owner in lettering not less than two inches in height.

5. No Bulky Items (household furnishings) will be collected with trash. You may place bulk trash at the curb anytime from May 3rd through May 12th, and all items must be curb-side no later than 7:00am on May 13th. During the fall, you may place bulk trash at the curb anytime from August 30th through September 8th, and all items must be curbside no later than 7:00am on September 9th. Construction materials are not collected at any time. If you have any questions regarding Avalon’s trash or bulk trash collections, please call the Avalon Department of Public Works at (609) 967 7697 (Monday through Fri-day between 7:00am-3:30pm).

6. The Avalon Department of Public Works will gladly collect rigid plastics from the curbside of your property. These plastics will be collected for recycling. Rigid plastics include empty plastic buckets, storage containers, toys, lawn furniture, flower pots and other rigid plastic items. Kindly call us at (609) 967 7697 to let us know you have rigid plastics curbside, and we will pick them up for recycling. For more than two years, the Avalon Department of Public Works is pleased to offer this service to Avalon property owners!

7. New Jersey requires that old TVs, computers and computer monitors — items known collectively as electronic waste, or e-waste — must be recycled as of January 1, 2011, as required by the Electronic Waste Management Act. The Electronic Waste Management Act bans the disposal of televisions and all personal or portable computers — including desktop, notebook and laptop computers, as well as computer monitors — in the regular waste stream beginning Jan. 1, 2011. Manufacturers of these devices will now be funding the collection of e-waste so that it is free for consumers. The new law means residents can no longer put TVs, computers and monitors out on the curb for pickup under regular solid waste col-lection programs. Many residents will have to take these items to a drop-off point, such as a county or municipal solid waste collection center or a participating electronics retail store. Avalon already conducts an e-waste pickup curbside in our community. For more information, please call (609) 967 7697.

Cape May County Single Stream "SS" Recycling Information (PDF)


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